Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Gangnam Style, FA

The Walker, FA, V9

There will be blood, FA, V7
Alas, it seems we will have to endure a little more spring rain before it clears into the perfect window of opportunity that I have been hoping for. A few of us have managed to get out and milk the dry days as best we could, but with two weeks of holidays starting Friday I am dearly hoping that primo conditions will prevail... Anyways, myself, chook, Nat, Earl, Sarah and Big Kriss have been getting amongst it, feverishly cleaning and drying new problems, as well as a bit of sending. It has been a real blast to have some people to wander around with seeking out new lines. It can be a very lonely and unpleasant task, but hanging out with a few other motivated souls with whom you can share a laugh when you come across another pea size boulder that looked like Amagamma from 500metres away, makes it much more amenable. Personally, doing FA's is my thing. I love repeating quality problems, but the process of finding, cleaning, unlocking sequences, daydreaming about said sequences, and finally, sending is the pinnacle of bloccing in my little world. Since finally knocking over the Taken, a bit of a weight of expectation has been lifted from my shoulders and I have been able to climb in other places, without the constant pressure that I had put on myself. This in turn has made me climb better and just enjoy my days even more than before. So, bring on Friday I say.

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