Monday, October 8, 2012


The best thing about being a school teacher is the proximity of your next break. Never more than 11 weeks before a (minimum) two week holiday is a pretty sweet gig, even if you have to deal with everyone's precious/precocious adolescents in the interim. Today is day one back at work and already holidays have receded to a misty past, something that appears in my head as a cheap flashback scene reminiscent of an old episode of Kung Fu. Luckily, I shared my recent break with some of my closest peeps and it made for a great time, which included the sending of many classic new problems. Matt and Vanessa are now permanent residents of Oz (chamon) whilst Scootsy sauntered on down for a week from Sydney and we set about cleaning and sending a host of new problems at a totally new area in an amazing location. It's hard to believe that this stuff still exists relatively close to major tourist locations within the Grampians. I feel so lucky to be able to get out and send new problems, it's such a blessing. And to have a crew of other motivated and strong people to work these problems with has been a real boost.
Blackbeard's Delight, V9

Scootsy topping out Musk Up, V9

The Quickening, V10, 3 stars for sure
Over the last month we have managed to send about 25 new problems, mostly in the V8-V11 range, along with a few moderates. Being the greedy first ascensionist that I am, I have hogged most of the FAs, boosted by the fact that I'm on my home ground and have plenty of time after school to shoot out and get some newbies done, whilst the rest of the poor saps plod away at their real jobs.
Ness working the moves of Musk Up

Matt working the moves on The Quickening
I don't know what it is exactly about new problems that whets my appetite, but it really is my greatest passion in terms of climbing. The searching part can be pretty shit to be fair, cleaning can be hard work, but once it comes to that mental and physical chess game with the rock, I'm in my element. As long as the Grampians is willing to keep giving, well, I'll be happy to continue playing...


  1. Nice update bloke. You're a frothing blockmonster alright.

  2. Thanks Stuey. How are you mate? You still coming for a vis weekend after this one?

  3. These look great. All of them. Are they all just around halls gap/wonderland range?

  4. Hey Dave, that's right... Happy to give you a tour, but not so keen on sprouting the location on this forum as there are a bunch of projects left to do out there at this stage. Message me if you're keen to have a look.

  5. Ill do that. Sunday perhaps? Wouldnt want everyone to fine out there are unclimbed boulders in the central gramps. I havent been able to get past Araps much for the past few months but I'm looking to broaden my horizons.

  6. I'm probably a no show Sunday, but definitely keen for the following weekend. Stu Partridge is up for the weekend too, so maybe a team visit...