Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the

There has been plenty happening out West, some good, some great and some downright shit. Firstly, I tore a tendon off the bone in a finger playing football, then in the same game I ruptured the ACL in my knee. Both injuries recovered reasonably well in time for the holidays, which allowed me to get a bunch of cool things done with Matt and Liam, who visited from New Zealand. Managed a quick repeat of Etch-a-Sketch V11, which was pretty cool in the end. Was very lucky to get it done, as during my warm up I tore a huge flapper of the end of my middle finger. Also did a new problem at Andersons, called the Vendetta V10, great problem too, tough and punchy, just the way it should be. Another new problem called Darkness and the Demon Child V9 was added at the new area. This is a cool highball with a long chuck off a shallow pocket, another good addition to the area. The holidays were a lot of fun, spent with some good friends. It was great to have Matt and Liam stay, as well as the Raven and Big Dave, who popped down for a month from the Blueys and smashed in his long time nemesis. Well done Dave, chuffed for you.
Unfortunately, after holidays, it was off to the surgeon in Ballarat to have my knee operated on. Not much fun really, especially when you come to during surgery... Still, it's only two weeks later and I am walking almost normally and even managed 15 mins on the bike last night. Pretty good considering.

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  1. Nice one pal! Those new lines the ones under Gun Butress? Ive looked at them before and though they looked cool. Good work on the sends :D