Thursday, September 8, 2011

They tried to make me go to Rehab...

A cool little addition to Andersens

Darkness and the Demon Child V9 FA

Without harping on about it too much, I have to say it has been a pretty shit year for me on the rock. I have managed to get bits and pieces done, but it is a far cry from the expectations that I had when I moved out to Moyston in January. Recently, with rehab going well and things starting to settle down I have been able to get back out and do some routes as well as some blocs. I had a great day with big Al at the Sundeck, cruising up easy sport routes and a relaxing Saturday out in Nati, catching up with HB, Wayne and a few other Nati folk. Also managed to get a bit of bouldering done on the Golden Streak boulder, mostly for old times sake, but also because I am not really supposed to be falling on my gammy knee at this stage. Throughout my injury I have been training on my beastmaker board, situated conveniently in the living room. I haven't done much finger strengthening in the last few years, so it has been a pretty good exercise, I have had some pretty good gains. With holidays coming around in two weeks and the weather improving each day, it should be a pretty good time to get a fair bit done.
Thanks to Liam Dickson for these pics.

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