Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recent Goings On

As I have been unable to climb for a wee while now, I have had to find other ways in which to entertain myself. Gardening has taken the lions share of my time, as has cooking and a bit of woodchopping too. All fantastic activities on their own, but none quite match the pure athleticism and excitement of man vs rock that has occupied every waking moment for the past 21 years. With any luck I'll be back on the blocs in the next couple of weeks, but any enjoyment or gains will be short-lived as I am due to have a knee reconstruction very soon, which will see me laid up for at least 3 months, a prospect that I am not looking forward to in the depths of winter and the primo conditions that it affords. So, anyways, here are some pics of what has been happening recently around Arnie Acres...

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