Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Schools Out for Summer!!!!

Hells Yeah!!! First year down and seven weeks of holidays to be enjoyed now. I spent the first week at Arapiles hangin' out with some Sydney-siders, Mel and Brecon and Ramon and the Raven. The weather was unseasonably cool, meaning that plenty of climbing was had by all. I was keen to get some mileage in and repeat some routes that I had done before, as well as have a shot at Punks. Punks is amazing, very shouldery and technical. It requires you to push really hard on your feet the whole time. It's very different from any hard route I have ever done. The moves all came within a session or so, but it is going to require some time that is for sure. Can't wait though, am frothing to get back on it in the middle of Jan... Did a few repeats, managed to chuck a few laps on Slinkin' Leopard and the Fortress as well as drag myself up Sax Onion, which is still a cool problem. It was a great week, very amusing, lots of great banter and some interesting takes on the gentleman's game of tennis... Since then, it has been the silly season, eating, drinking and socialising. Fantastic. Have also had some great news, have picked up some sponsorship from Moon Climbing for next year, which is very cool. Thanks to those guys, the best christmas present yet. That's it for now, it's time to have some rest and recuperation in readiness for a massive 2011. Happy New Year to all, see you next year.

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