Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If we took a holiday...

That's right workers, it's school holidays for all of us teachers out there, which means 2 weeks of uninterrupted crushing. Well, almost uninterrupted, apart from the assignment that I am busy not doing right now, that is due on Friday... The past three days has been spent cruising around the Valley of the Gods, brushing up new lines and occasionally doing one or two with Scoots, Big Dave and another biggin, Big Al. The weather has been a little funny, damp in the morn, then primo in the afternoon, so there has been lots of walking around done and even more brushing. A few gems have been sent packing, including a pair of new V9's called Easy Squeezy and One Hand Slapping... We brushed up a couple of highballs too, which should yield a couple of absolute stella problem, including a natural flute, that is proper hard, proper high and proper awesome. Might have a bash at this tomorrow, but for today, it's back to the books...Pics to follow.

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