Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring Sessions

Well, the weather has finally changed for the better and the long, dark days are seemingly a thing of the past... The last week has been great, the veggie patch is going crackers, as is the local flora of the Gramps. Oh, and the climbing conditions have been primo.
Went back to Titanic with the Raven on Sunday, he was looking super strong too, that is, until he scalped the end of his finger again on the sharp little bastard hold on his long time nemesis, Iceburg. Day over for him by 11am. May have even seen the Raven's temper flair briefly, before his gentlemenly demeanour returned.
We then headed over to the Kindergarten so I could have another crack at Point and Shoot. Didn't start well, for some reason i couldn't do the first move, which as you can imagine, after being able to do it the week before was not exactly pleasing me... But, after a few false starts and a few little hissys, the problem was solved and it was back to the Rat for an afternoon coffee. And the froth is on for this weekend, 2 weeks of school holidays, meaning 2 weeks of crushing, with the Scoots and Big Dave who are making their way down from Sydney for the break. Chamon bitches...

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  1. looking forward to smashing the blocs and your veges,