Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Schools out...

What a great couple of weeks... Having the lads here was a blast. It reached a feverish crescendo on the weekend when Ross, Alex, Moderate Gay Dave, Amy and little Ash joined our little soiree... With a full house and some serious group froth we set about dispatching some more great problems at the Valley. Rossco brushed up some tricky little numbers, which were set upon with gusto by the group, I cant give you names and numbers, but safe to say that they were good fun, even if they require a little more in the way of cleaning... Scoots and I got back to business on an amazing scoopy dihedral thingy that we had brushed and gave it a good bash. It's pretty high and has a thought provoking finish,, which we were both just one move away from... Ah well, it will have to wait now. On friday, we shot up to the Citadel to have a shot at the best problem in the world, Ammagamma. I had tried it previously and had failed miserably, but with my shoulder injury a distant memory and some decent ascents under my belt for the year, I thought it might be time. Low and behold, within a couple of minutes I'd done the crux move, which was pretty thrilling. I scraped and moaned around for the rest of the day, trying to piece the other moves together, but all to no avail. Luckily, the Raven arrived for the day on Monday. Once again, we waltzed up there, lugging pads all the way. I had stashed an extra one, knowing that it would come in handy at some stage. The day was very positive and i managed to sort out all of the other moves. It was just a matter of having a rest and coming back full of psych... Well, that day was today, I wondered up there with just a day pack, having left two pads up there this time... Much nicer walk too by the way. Then it was on, Did it from the crux to the top first go, then fluffed around on the start for a bit, before making the hardest and most satisfying ascent of my life... What an amazing feeling. Get in...


  1. Bloody congrats on a well-hard send Arnie. Sounds like it went swimmingly well.

  2. Arnie thats awesome, great send mate! Maybe that will give u the confidence to leave the ground again ;-)

  3. Cojonudo amigo, Me siento orgulloso de ti. El que la sigue la consigue y esto demuestra lo constante que eres. Simón, felicidades amigo!!!!!!!