Friday, May 25, 2012


I have had a hectic few weeks, mostly socialising, with a little bit of running thrown into the mix. The unexpected ability to propel my body forward at a pace slightly faster than walking has been a revelation, especially since it has occured without pain. I have been running about three times a week for the last month and it has been fantastic. The downside has been that I have neglected my climbing a little. I am about four weeks away from heading to Squamish to catch up with my homies, Reagan, Aimee and Gordo and feel like I could barely peel the skin off an overripe banana. So, with that in mind I have upped it! I started my Stalin-like four week plan last night and it went well. I bouldered for an hour in the shed of pain and then hit up the fingerboard for twenty minutes. Result: I am fucking sore, but one step closer to uber-crushing...

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