Wednesday, May 9, 2012


How Australian...
'Tis almost the season people. The nights have grown longer, the mornings brisker and the conditions are approaching optimum. I feel that in the next week or two it will be time to call the season officially open. For a change I am a little torn. I have wholeheartedly enjoyed the route renaissance that has been happening out west. The tying in, fear and falls have been fantastic this year. Not to mention ticking off some bangin lines down south, including Demon Flower and Wild Orchid (Both 30). Feeling a genuine ability to recover on reasonable holds has been a dramatic change and has enhanced my enjoyment of the entire experience no end. So, a big thanks to all those peeps with whom I have passed the last few months, it's been real, but it is time for me to bid you adieu and return to my natural habitat for another season, The Blocs... So, until those nights shorten, the mornings begin a slow simmer and conditions approach sub-optimum, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. You know where to find me!

The final Harvest

Green Tomato Chutney

Matt, hard at work...

There has been plenty else going on in the past few months. I have some new housemates, which has been great. It has added a whole new element to training, as Oliver is well psyched. Great to have someone else to crush with on the woody of pain. Also pretty pleasant to hang with the two of them as they are easy going types. Also, managed to complete a long term project, insulating the house. Thanks again to Matt and Ross for your help. Ripping off the weatherboards, inserting Batts and then replacing the boards was an epic task, but it has already made a huge difference to the temperature within the house. Totally worth the effort. Add a lick of paint and the place looks and feels a million bucks. Bring on Winter I say!!!

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