Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dead Heat

Great weather, super psyche and some freshly rested cannons were all that were required to make Dead Heat my bitch. Did it last week on Saturday, though almost blew it. Fell off the last hard move 3rd go and then took another 10 shots to put it to bed... Punter. Followed it up with a good weekday arvo session when I wandered out and did Scoot's masterpiece Pots & Pans at Andersens. A scary slap finish sans spotters made it even more memorable. Even though it gets only 7C in the book, it's pretty stiff I think. Nice one Scootsy...

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  1. Grill Fish
    Great shots the Bel and the kids will be wrapped!
    In Harrietville on a yr 8 camp, you would love the food and produce up here at the moment, just sensational. Buying up big - apples, walnuts, figs, vegies. Farmers are advertising pigs for curing meats.
    Take it easy