Thursday, November 4, 2010

Slowly Slowly

The summer campaign of fitness had an unexpected boost on Tuesday. Aided by a well deserved day off school for the Melbourne Cup, myself and the Raven had an early start. Amnesty Wall was the first point of call for a warm up session. The weather was ideal and suprisingly there was no one about. After having a couple of laps on some of the newer routes there we jumped on Freedom Fighter (27). Classic route too. Bit of a techo start up a slap, before the business. The route leans back at the end and finishes with a sweet dyno. Good for the money too. Both the Raven and I knocked it off second shot. I thought that may be it for the day, had a bit of residual pump in the left arm that I couldn't shake, but we decided to head over to Sandanista to try Gary's Check Mate (29) on the high end of the cliff. A short, punchy route that I had tried a couple of times. I had managed to bust through the lower section pretty quickly, but had then fallen on the easier finishing section, pretty much my usual MO. This time, however, would be a different story. After putting the draws on and having a minor setback, when I forgot my sequence at the third move (idiot), I lowered to the ground and immediately tied in again. Straight through the crux, no dramas, and I was at the rest. Both other times that I had been here I was so boxed that I could barely make the clip and had meekly thrown in the towel with a call of take... I hung out for a while, controlling my breathing and focussing on the moves to come and then started up the final section...

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