Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, after a few weeks off, it was back to the blocks last weekend. Caught up with Sharik, Jo and Big Dave at the Mt Zero cabins for a fine night of boozing with the legendary Fred Rouhling and his family of crushers. He's a dude by the way, super nice guy and still a monster... Had a day pottering around under Taipan doing some lines that I'd never done before. Sharik an I did El Westwood far left V9 which is a very cool problem, encouraged by the presence of Fred... Was a fun day, just cruising around, good to hang with those guys too. Started making plans for next year, including Buoux in Feb with Sharik. Frothing...
Also had a quick session on the friday night, had an hour or so at campsite, just on my own as the sun set. Was perfect. Did all the usual classics, including gay hip flexor, which is one of my favs at the moment... If you've never done it, get to it.
Ross and Craig Ingham came and crashed on Friday night, before the Raven arrived on Sat morning and we all shot out to Titanic so Raven could try Iceberg V10. I was keen to get some footage on my new HD camcorder, but the Raven had a bit of a tough day and wasn't able to send... Repeated a cool highball of Al's on a boulder nearby and spotted an awesome line that I will check out this week. We headed to Andersons afterwards for some frivolity. The boys all did Rise of the Machines and whatever the other one is called, whilst I had my pants down on Cruise Control and then the project above American Pie... Luckily the country ball I went to on Sat night made up for my disappointment...

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  1. So, did you get lucky at the ball??????? lol. I saw quite a few good lookers getting aboard the greyhound bus as I left your place the Saturday night.