Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I was a little worried about spending two weeks on a beach holiday. What was I thinking? 1 week on a boat and 1 week in a surf camp. What a dumb idea. Turns out my trepidation was unfounded. What a great trip. The boat was amazing, 11 blokes, with 6 staff to cater for all our meals and alcohol related needs. Then a week, just with Patch and the Mullins in a surf camp, 20 metres from the water and about 80metres from the best break in the Maldives. It took me about a week to find my feet and rhythm on the board, but once that happened there was no turning back... We spent upto 7 hours in the water each day, paddling around and catching countless waves and trying to avoid being run across the rather shallow reef at the Cokes break. Between sessions, it was a walk to the Big Shop to eat ice cream and take a seat in the Island chill chairs... Did loads of reading and played lots and lots of Shithead, it was a great holiday, a fantastic way to regroup before term 3. Thanks to all for a great trip, but it's time to get back to the mountains. When Saturday comes, it's game on...

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