Monday, June 21, 2010

Round up of the Week

Well, it was an interesting weekend for sure. Ended up at the cave with a team due to the damp conditions and even though I tried not to, I actually enjoyed myself... Watched James, Mark and Sticky cruise Dead Can't Dance, my nemesis, had a few shots myself, a little progress, but no go. We then all jumped on American Pie, which is the only real line at the cave in my eyes... ha ha. James cruised it, while the rest of us fell off every move imagineable. Managed to work out a sweet sequence involving a big catch and swing on the final holds, just as about 25 people from Melbourne uni sat down, was quite funny... That was that really, wandered down to Andersons afterwards for a blast on Cruise Control, but it was kinda damp, so cruised back to the Rat for coffee and beers... Was a fun day though, thanks for the spotting guys, was very much appreciated...

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