Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The man and his vis downy!!
FA of Local Knowledge at the Coop
FA of Return of the King
Interesting weather over the past couple of months. From drought to borderline floods, it has mainly been the weekends that have been washed out, leaving Mondays and Tuesdays to produce some primo conditions. Cold, crisp and clear... Which, thankfully, ties in nicely with the days that I have been able to sneak away from the restaurant. A cruisey drive up on Monday morning, rendezvous with Chook and Earl for a coffee, then out to some new blocs, an afternoon of joyful and banter filled crushing, followed by dinner and drinks. Repeat on the Tuesday, then mosey on back to Melbourne town for the night, stay at ma and pa Weill's, then back to the peninsula Wednesday morning for work in the evening... Sounds pretty good and I assure you it is as good as it sounds. Lots of developing of new areas and also some revisiting of some old uns, which are still throwing up quality lines...
FA of Dirty Chicken Plucker, a cool line with a heartbreaking mantel

The Chook, taping his camera to a tree

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