Thursday, August 30, 2012

Train how you play...

Injuries are as much a part of sport as any other. It is how you manage and work around these afflictions that will determine your longevity or success in your chosen venture. As posted below,  I had a bit of a set back a couple of weeks ago on my project. Initially I was pretty down about the whole thing. Firstly, I hadn't managed to send my project, which I had firmly hoped to do that day and secondly, I was facing at least a couple of weeks of non climbing. Now, I know that many people cannot understand the drive and absolute devotion to a seemingly worthless pursuit, such as climbing rocks, but for me it consumes just about every waking moment. When I look out the window on a day when the weather is fine, my first thought is climbing. When I roll out of bed on a Saturday morning, I think climbing. When I plan a holiday, climbing. But, I digress. What I was really wanting to sprout about was that no matter how decrepit you are, how broken down your temple has become, there is always something that you can do to maintain a semblance of power, fitness or motivation, ready to unleash the fury upon your return. So the last couple of weeks I have changed it up a little. My right hand was out, everything would have to be leftie-centric or involving a bar, which wouldn't impact on my shredded tip. It's not as if I have done anything revolutionary, but it has been a change and I have seen some rapid gains in just two weeks. So, with a favorable weather report and a heap of enthusiasm, I'll be heading back out on Saturday hoping that I can board the sending train. Adios.

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