Monday, August 20, 2012

The Plan

Project 1 Punter 0
I was well psyched for the weekend, the weather was clearing, there were loads of people heading up and I had no other plans. Head out, brush the top of my project, get it sorted and then get it sent. It was all smooth sailing, except for the sending bit. First shot, trying the top section from the ground, I locked high of the sharp pebble and reached for the top hold, ready to make a slight lunge for safety. I spat off as my right hand skated hard off the pebble. I had that usual uneasy feeling that I had hit my knuckles on the rock as I came off, taking a good layer of skin with it. I landed hard, but was fine, stood up and looked at the back of my hand, a wee scratch, but nothing more. Sweet. I turned my hand over to see if it was damp and to my amazement there was no pad on my middle finger. Fuck, the whole lot from the joint to the tip and many layers deep was still waving like a little white flag from the wretched pebble. Day over... I hung out for a bit to offer moral support, but was pretty bummed really. Probably two weeks off in the middle of the season, not really what I was after. But, it does go to show, that not everything goes according to plan...

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