Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to Reality...

From the top of the Chief

The bare essentials

Missing it already...

The reckoning, V11

Sushi Party!!!
As it is with all great things, my Canadian adventure has ended. And, I'm back at work. Guess how excited I am about that. Correct answer: not very... So, here is what I liked about Canada: The people; really genuine, kind and considerate with a sense of humor not unlike Australians, especially catching up with friends, both old and new, The food; easily the best sushi I have ever had, no challenge, and cheap, The beer; Amazing micro-breweries, especially my all time favorite La fin du monde, still the best, Lake Culture; Finishing a day's climbing and then heading to a pristine lake, surrounded by trees and mountains, for a dip is a sweet way to wind down for dinner, The Climbing; Endless boulders in an epic setting, short walk ins, great shapes, longs days of crushing, The Squamish Adventure Center; my own personal hangout, great coffee, cool staff and a pretty rad view of the Chief, plus free wi-fi. And, of course, here is a thorough list of what I didn't like about Canada. Well apart from the rain, which is part and parcel and the ridiculous array of gas guzzling beasts that people drive, I disliked nothing. Canada and Squamish in particular is an incredible place and is somewhere that I will return to for sure. I met some fantastic people, had some unforgettable experiences and enjoyed some of the best bouldering that is on offer. Thank you so much to all of the great people that I met or hung out with along the way, especially Aimee, Reagan, Dave, Matt and Gordo, it was so awesome to see you guys, can't wait to make it happen again.
For the climbers, here is a short list off the top of my head of what I did, The Reckoning, V11, No Troublems, V10, Salad Shooter, V10, Big Chicken, V10, The Cat Lake Prow, V10?, New Problem at Cat Lake, V9, Worm World Cave, V9, Defenders of the Faith, V9, Mantra, V8, Gibb's Cave, V8... Heaps more, but, as I said, off the top of the head...

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