Friday, March 9, 2012

Back in the Saddle (Harness)

There has definitely been a shift this week. Cooler nights and stunning days herald the beginning of Autumn and with any luck, the end of blazing hot days. Route season has been underway for a few weeks and the old hang and shake thing is beginning to happen. Had a fun day at Bundaleer last Sunday with some soon to depart Canadians, Gordo and Matt. They were working the ab classic, Angular Perspective, 27. Unfortunately, even though they both came tantalisingly close, both missed out on a final tick in OZ. Good lads, good times, hope to catch them again soon. I roped up for the amnesia flash, having done this bad boy about 13 years ago by my reckoning. Awesome overhanging start on Frankenjurra like pockets, before a big chuck to the rail and a new harder sequence since a hold has snapped off. Did it first go, which was pleasing, especially with brutal hangover in full effect. I had a go at the neighbouring Skullduggery or thuggery, whatever the name is. No probs with the moves, but some serious problems putting the draws on. Dodgy bolts and bad placements, made it an interesting outing. Probably good for 27 as well. Did a bit of trad work and another 23 on the side of Manic Depressive, which was awesome and a must do at the crag. All up a good day out.

A shot of the damage to the road on the way in to Bundaleer. Pretty fierce... (ripped from the cliffcare website, the road remains closed for the immediate future, but the walk in is a pleasant 15 minute doddle)

After a week of year 8 camp, I met up with Holly in Halls Gap and we shot out to the Watchtower for another evening session. Again, great times. Did All along the Watchtower, a classic 21, full exposure and some questionable rock, it was a lot of fun and a little scary. Just make sure, if you do this little bugger that you head left to get off. There is no exit right, as we found out, much to our detriment... Did a couple of other sport routes at the back of the crag, a 20 and 22 I think, which was a lovely way to finish a Thursday, before hitting the new tapas bar in Halls Gap, for a beer and feed. Long weekend starts today, so it's back to the Southern Gramps, with visiting hero, Matt Adams from Sydney. Should be some good goings on... Until next week.

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